RICS APC Support

Our director Paraic attained RICS chartered status in 2011 at the age of 26. Since then he has taken a keen interest in the RICS and is a trained RICS APC preliminary reviewer, as-well as being an RICS APC mentor. He has undertaken preliminary reviews since the inception of the preliminary review process for candidates in the Middle East Region. Having reviewed countless submissions over the years it has become apparent that even highly qualified, experienced and competent candidates struggle to convey the right information in the preliminary review submission; based on his experience it is estimated that circa 50% of all preliminary reviews received are not suitable to progress to interview stage. This results in their submission being marked as ‘unsuitable to progress’ thus delaying the undertaking of the final interview and resulting in further time delays in becoming a Chartered Surveyor. Our services aim to support candidates through the preliminary review process and mitigate the risk of failing to pass this initial hurdle.


Services offered include:

General support.

Support with writing and formalising the review.

Review of experience and case study with a view to providing guidance on aligning content with what is expected by the RICS.

Should you have any queries or are interested in our services we are happy to discuss your requirements.